Armor and Clothing in MMO Game  Atlas are the various items and sets you can wear by equipping them via your inventory. Some items are designed specifically to provide defense against physical attacks, while others provide other benefits and stat buffs such as reduced susceptibility to the elements or adverse weather, or giving protection against particular Environmental Hazards, but may in turn represent reduced protection from attacks. You can choose how to balance your loadout for best effect depending on the adventure at hand. 

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All Armor and Clothing Items


Name Type How to get it Craft/Repair Resources
Cloth Hat Head Crafted ??
Cloth Gloves Arms Crafted ??
Cloth Shirt Torso Crafted ??
Cloth Pants Legs Crafted ??
Cloth Boots Feet Crafted ??
Fur Hat Head Crafted ??
Fur Gloves Arms Crafted ??
Fur Chest Torso Crafted ??
Fur Pants Legs Crafted ??
Fur Boots Feet Crafted ??
Plate Helmet Head Crafted ??
Plate Gloves Arms Crafted ??
Plate Shirt Torso Crafted ??
Plate Pants Legs Crafted ??
Plate Boots Feet Crafted ??
?? ?? ??  



Clothing items in Atlas often have lower armor values than Armor items, but may confer other bonuses such as stat buffs or protection from the weather. 

Name Type Collection  How to get it
Example Arms Hazard Gear Crafted
?? ?? ?? ??


Crafting Armor and Clothing

Most items of Armor or Clothing can be crafted from Engrams, which can be learned by spending skill points as you level up, or from Blueprints found in the world in loot drops, or can be found pre-made in loot drops or Treasure Chests.

Most Armor and Clothing is crafted from raw resources such as Hide and Fiber, while some may call for refined resources such as Metal Ingots. Some may be crafted directly in your Inventory, while others must be crafted in a Crafting Station. 


How to Upgrade your Armor and Clothing

Armor and Clothing, like many other items in Atlas, can be progressively upgraded to provide better armor or stat buffs.

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