Aging is a mechanic in MMO Atlas whereby your character will age in real-time as you play.

This mechanic is purely cosmetic at Early Access Launch and will be refined/added to over time. 


How long is a Lifetime in Atlas in real time?

A full lifespan (from coming of age at 20 to death at 100) is reported to last roughly 3 real-time months. 


Effects of Aging

Some statistical buffs and debuffs will be applied as your Character ages to mimic the progression of time in real life. 

Hair will whiten, skin will wrinkle. 


Fountain of Youth

One way to reset the passage of time for your character is to find and drink from the Fountain of Youth, which can be found at different locations at various times. 



Atlas will eventually have a system allowing players to conceive a child together, which can be raised as an heir, and transferred into when the child comes of age to perpetuate the parent's legacy. 

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    • Anonymous

      A life span 20-100 years in game is a lot shorter than 3 real time months.. I’ve only been playing less than 2 months and I’ve had to rejuvenate with a fountain twice. I think it mostly just depends on hours logged into the game because I play quite frequently

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